Super Bowl: Top 5 Patriots photos

With the Super Bowl now firmly in the rear-view mirror, I’d like to share my five favourite Patriots photos of what was potentially the greatest Super Bowl ever played. This post will also precede my very delayed, yet in depth, Super Bowl review. Seahawks fans, turn way. Patriots fans, enjoy. 

  1. 'First blood'
    ‘First blood’

    Quarterback Tom Brady showcases his trademark emotion after finding Wide Receiver Brandon LaFell for the first Touchdown and points of the Super Bowl.

  2. 'Pats take the lead'
    ‘Pats take the lead’

    Diminutive Wide Receiver Julian Edelman (#11) scores the go-ahead Touchdown in the fourth quarter, catching a Tom Brady pass.

  3. 'The Play'
    ‘The Play’

    Malcolm Butler (#21), a rookie free agent (a player who was not drafted, and was later signed to the 90 man preseason roster as a long-shot, which is trimmed to 52 before the start of the season) who has flashed ability in spades all year long for the Patriots in practice and limited game action, jumps the route combination presented to him by the Seahawks just in time to intercept the potentially game-winning pass for the Seahawks, sealing Super Bowl glory for the Patriots in the process.

  4. 'Jubilation'

    Vince Wilfork (#75), a Patriots stalwart, celebrates Butler’s game-clinching interception in the immediate aftermath of the play – Butler is seen being piled upon in disbelief in the background.

  5. 'Mission accomplished'
    ‘Mission accomplished’

    Long underrated piece of the Patriots defensive puzzle, Rob Ninkiovich (#50), basking in Super Bowl glory.


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